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The Company

We are specialized in providing ventilation and sheet metal work solutions for industry. Our services include the manufacture of air heat generators, industrial air ventilation/filtration, sheet-metalwork and special industrial machinery projects.

In our fully equipped 800 m2 workshops and factory, we have all the machinery necessary to provide our customers with fully finished parts. Our Arsenal of equipment gives us full control over the production process: cutting, bending folding and welding. We have the capability to work in sheet metal up to a maximum thickness of 10mm and for the final aesthetics we also have polishing and finishing equipment.

More than 60 years of experience

The company was founded in 1952 with the name of “Construcciones Mecanicas J. GRAU” as manufacturers of air heaters, industrial machinery and all types of fans.

Nearly forty years later in 1990, the company, renamed ‘Tallers Grau Germans’, started a phase of expansion. We began to offer many more services in the fields of industrial sheet metal work, heating and ventilation.

Personalized service, unique treatment

We provide unique solutions for unique clients. We distinguish ourselves by dealing directly with our clients in a friendly, professional manner. At all times, quality is our principle objective and we offer guarantees to back-up this commitment.

Because no two clients needs are the same, we guarantee a complete service aimed at satisfying YOUR needs. We look for the best solution for you, both for the day to day running of your business and taking into account future requirements. We come to you, study the project and produce a design based on consultation. Once approved, we proceed to manufacture and implementation.

All our products and services adhere to the strict European quality regulations. Our quality department carefully monitors each project, giving you the confidence you deserve from a supplier.